Just off the freeway … cheese and breeze


On our way home from the Herrshner’s Warehouse Sale (in Stevens Point, Wis.), we stopped in Thorp, Wisconsin – in search of cheese curds. The cheese store is at the Penterman Farm, whose cows provide the milk for the Marieke Gouda cheese that is served and sold on the site.


030e.jpgThe site is much more than a farm and a cheese store. You can book or take a self-guided tour of the farm. On their web page, it states that the cheese is made within five hours of milking. Check it out HERE

There are children’s activities  … such as the self propelled go-karts and vehicles or you can jump and jump and jump …


051e.jpgYou can have lunch or dinner, either inside or outside …


Outside was absolutely beautiful … with a nice breeze, under a bright orange umbrella …


And the food was wonderful and priced very affordably. And, of course, included cheese curds …


And you can shop for gifts and cheese products.


The back area where they keep the freshly made cheese

Or you can people watch … I would guess there is an Amish community nearby.


How can you pass up dill pickle flavored chap stick?


If you happen to be in the area, I highly recommend a visit.

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Silly Milli … part hunter, part naughty

Another episode of the adventures of Silly Milli B … 

Silly Milli seems to get longer every day. She used to fit on my desk, in front of the keyboard. I used to be able to pick her up with one hand; no more. Now I am lucky if I can pick her up with two hands – mostly because she is so crazy – always wanting to be petted, or to be ‘fighting and biting dog.’



Silly Milli is also sneaky. When I am at my computer, I often slip off my Sketcher shoes. The other night, I decided to go outside for a bit so I reached, with my feet, to put my shoes back on – but, they were nowhere to be seen. After a few minutes of wondering ‘what the heck,’ I checked Milli’s bed. Guess what! There I found both shoes. Luckily she didn’t have them for long. She has managed to chew up several shoes or sandals. Fortunately for us, they were ones we no longer wear.

Milli’s new trick is to chase chipmunks. At first she was scared of them; actually, she was scared of most anything that moved. Now – likely because she is bigger – she chases them. As you may know, we have lots of chipmunks. We used to feed them peanuts and sunflower seeds. However, last year they buried them all over our yard so we have a ‘bumpy yard’ – which makes for an interesting time when mowing the grass. This year they are surviving on the seeds from the maple tree.

Milli generally spots the chipmunks at the end of the deck or on the sidewalk. She stands at attention for a bit – and then off she goes. The chipmunks are pretty quick, though, and get away easily. And there are times when the chipmunks are within a few feet of Milli and she simply ignores them.


Our present from Milli last week – a  mouse that she tortured until it was dead.

Milli also does not like it when we put her flea and tick treatment on her back. We both had to hold her last time – but I got the worst of it. (See picture below.) Now we need to take her to have her nails trimmed …


Thanks for reading about Silly Milli. I’m sure she will have more adventures. ! I hope you return.

Yes, another Mother’s Day …

I am particularly glad that it is Mother’s Day today. About three weeks ago, I collapsed while at the hospital after receiving an infusion treatment for my lung disease. I simply could not breathe. The doctors/nurses removed fourteen pounds of fluid from my heart and lungs. It was like drowning from the inside out. Six days later, I was released, and while not back to ‘normal,’ I am very grateful to be here.

I learned something very interesting during this hospitalization. I normally have my fingernails done with acrylic nails. What I didn’t realize is that the acrylic blocks the readings for the oxygen monitors. It is very likely that my oxygen levels have been quite low for a long time – but I wasn’t getting accurate readings. So – the acrylic nails are gone. I originally did them – not just because the look nice – but because my ‘real’ nails are so brittle. Getting accurate oxygen readings is more important – so no more acrylic nails for a while. (I know some of you will miss – or not – my photos of my nails. )



Once I was moved from intensive care, I shared a room with another patient. She was in her late fifties, early sixties. She has been through brain cancer, lung cancer and is on dialysis. But I am pretty sure that isn’t enough to stop her. She was in full control and spunky as can be. Before she left for surgery to replace a port (likely for her chemotherapy), she called her daughter to wish her a Happy Birthday and apologized for not being able to visit her that day. She also kept the nurses on their toes! I would bet she is a wonderful Mom and a reminder for me that things could certainly be worse.

And when I came home from the hospital, I had this little girl who is there to comfort me whenever I sit on the loveseat …


Happy Mother’s Day from Silly Milly B(raun)

Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who considers themself to be a Mom in any way.

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Milli takes a bath …

You may have noticed that I haven’t written in several days. I was side-tracked – taking a break at the hospital. I am better but more on that in another post, coming soon.

Given that our little silly Milli girl can be a  bit to handle, daughter-in-law Michelle offered to give Milli a bath – which appeared to be a new experience for Milli  (and a bath for Michelle).

As we expected, Milli braced herself, trying to escape the sink and the water.


Twice she pulled out the plug, emptying the water.


But she loved having the shampoo rubbed on her …


But, then the rinse …  not as much fun  …  and it’s all over. Silly Milli is now clean, pretty Milli.


Next, drying her off … with granddaughter Lena assisting …



And then the big shake off —


And finally, snug in her new blanket (made by Michelle) … 124.JPG

I hope you enjoyed Milli’s bath time. Stay tuned for more adventures of Silly Milli B.

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It’s sale season …


Sale season is coming early this year thanks to the nicer than normal weather. I’ll be out and about as much as possible, looking for items – not because I need more. It’s more because I have so much that I am considering opening an occasional store this fall – as a way to reduce my stock of stuff.

I’ve written several blogs about what you can go to have a successful garage sale in the past. There is not much more to add to those, so I am sharing the links below.

This post is general: (It’s from my old blog site. If you have time, check out the site. There are many stories on various topics.)

Click on this link: Back in the garage sale groove

This post is about how to display your items.

Click on this link: Displaying your items

This post is about tips on signage for garage sales:

Click on this link: Tips on Signs

Good luck garage saling!!!

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sign 2..jpg


Silly Milli … a potty adventure

It’s been a little over one week since Silly Milli (Millicent) came to live with us. It didn’t take long for this little spitfire to learn how to ‘pull our chains.’


The main task at hand – to work on potty training. Sometimes it works; sometimes not. We found that barking and running in a circle means it is time to go outside. Of course, then she runs and smells and chases … and she may or may not go potty. She loves sticks and is already playing fetch.


On one of our outside visits, she was running across the deck to the area where the deck steps down. There is a knot hole near the place where you turn to go that area. ( You can see it in the picture above.) Just as I set her down, a red squirrel ran across the deck. Next, a chipmunk popped out of the knot hole, carrying a gray ball of fur in its mouth. The chipmunk kept shaking the fur ball (I think it was a mouse.) and then dropped it. Whatever it was, it scurried away. This all happened in no more than a minute’s time. Not only did Milli jump back, but I did the same. (I’m sure it was quite the sight – watching this old lady jump.)  I quickly scooped up Milli and went back inside. I don’t know whose heart was pounding harder.


As you may know from previous blogs, we usually train the chipmunks during the summer season. This year, we’ll probably not feed them as much because we don’t know how they are going to react to Milli. I bet the chipmunks are wondering why their humans haven’t put out the tray of peanuts. They’re also probably wondering why we are hanging out with that creature – Milli, the dog

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Silly Milli … what have we done?

About three years ago, our much adored, 17 year old black and tan miniature dachshund – Puppy-Stuff, passed away. She was most often simply known as Puppy, and formally named Gypsy (through her pure-bred paperwork). We were thoroughly heart-broken.

Since then, we often talked about getting another dachshund but we just couldn’t do it. So, instead we spent the warmer months catering to chipmunks.  (There are several blog posts about the chipmunks.) But it wasn’t the same … chipmunks don’t snuggle.

And, again, we have talked … and talked … and talked about getting another dachshund. Last week my friend sent me a notice about some dachshunds for sale in Little Falls (about an hour away from our house) at a very reasonable price. I immediately called home and gave the information to my husband. I told him it was up to him whether or not to call. I called him again around noon and he said that the Little Falls dogs were all taken; they were simply waiting for them to be picked up. And so, (insert heavy sigh here) we thought it was not to be.

Later in the afternoon – near the end of the work day – my husband called. I was in a meeting but decided to answer the call. He told me that there were two dogs now available. For whatever reason, others had decided not to take the dogs. And – they had a black and tan dachshund. I immediately left work – so we could drive to Little Falls before someone else got there. (The owner told us whoever got there first would get the dogs.)

Upon arriving home – it got even better. The owner of the dogs had called back and was leaving for Wisconsin so he offered to meet us in Milaca – just 15 miles away — with the dog. It took the owner about an hour to get to Milaca; it was one of the longest hours I’ve spent in awhile. We used that time to pick out names. We wanted a German name – so we went internet searching. We both immediately liked Millicent — Milli  for short – and hoped that the name would fit once we saw her.

We met at a Hardy’s restaurant – the parking lot; it was cold and windy. I brought a blanket with me so I quickly wrapped up the puppy and jumped in our vehicle while the two guys carried on the transaction. The owner said that our girl dog was the runt of the litter and was a bit feisty, always picking on her brother. As I partly unwrapped her, I realized just how tiny she was. She definitely is a little girl. And she is definitely Millicent.


However, I think we forgot that we were MUCH younger when we had Puppy. We could run and bend then. Since Puppy passed away, we have become very comfortable not running and not bending – for the most part. Now we have this bundle of energy that requires a lot of running after her and a lot of bending.

And, yet, it’s pretty hard to get upset with her when she snuggles. or when she ‘gives kisses’, or when she falls over backwards when she’s tugging on her Papa’s slipper, or when she gets excited when she sees you, etc. And so the fun (and exercise) begins …


Isn’t she adorable?

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