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DIY – Replacing the lawnshed … not as easy as we thought

In keeping with our year-long goal of de-cluttering, we thought we would replace the lawn shed. Nothing to it, right? Remove the old one – have someone bring a new one. Easy … or not. It turns out the easiest part was bringing the new one …

Removing the old shed

Shed 004

The old metal shed was at least twenty years old. The sides were rusting along the bottom; the roof leaked – a lot. And – over the years — things were simply tossed in the shed. What a mess!  Once we ordered the new shed, we had about three weeks to prepare. Plenty of time or not. First, the job of cleaning the shed out and either finding a spot for it or tossing it. That job took a few days. Next, we had to move the shed. Our brother-in-law got that task. In short order, he jumped on his skidster and the shed was moved and crushed.

Shed 011Shed 043Shed 045

Next, however, we needed to fill to even the site. We had ordered the fill before the shed removal, so the soil was on site. Another job for our brother-in-law.

The New Shed Arrives

Although the fill had been spread, a little more leveling was required so we took a drag and smooth the site. We also realized that the new shed – which is 10 feet by 20 feet — is much taller than the old one. So, the tall pines next to the site had to be trimmed. After a day of trimming, with only one mishap – the ladder tipping and my husband landing on the ground with the ladder, Luckily he didn’t get hurt – he was just covered in dirt!  The site was ready — just in time. The building arrived at 3:30 in the afternoon.

  • The new shed was delivered by one person. It was amazing to watch. Here is the shed sitting on the road at the end of our driveway. New lawn shed arrives 003

The  mover used a dolly to bring the shed down the road and put it in place. Amazingly, it only took an hour to put the shed in place.

New lawn shed arrives 008New lawn shed arrives 012New lawn shed arrives 032New lawn shed arrives 053

And now, we just have to fill it up!  We are looking forward to have all of the garden and other tools all in one spot. Perhaps we will be able to find things when we need them – instead of going to the store and buying another one.

New lawn shed arrives 055New lawn shed arrives 069

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