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Taking Things Too Seriously … a lesson from two little boys

About a week ago, I had the good fortune of having two of our grandsons – ages 6 and 8 – come and stay at our house for a week – for their vacation.

The first day or so, the boys were relatively quiet. They played, watched TV (mostly wrestling), but didn’t say much. We went to several garage sales (with one a buyer and one not); they only complained a little – when it was getting to be time for lunch. They didn’t whine; they didn’t fight.


By day three, however, they were obviously ‘at home away from home.’ They giggled – a lot, and it didn’t take much to set them off. One would burp, which would set the other into hysterics. One would lick the other’s face – again the giggling ensued. One thing was very clear – the boys took absolute delight in the smallest things and in each other.

New lawn shed arrives 061aBecause of their obvious joy, it was pretty hard to be upset with the numerous ‘potions’ they created or the liquid soap in the fountain – especially when the response to “Who did this?” was those little cherub faces saying “not me” but those twinkling eyes saying otherwise. What could I do? I just wanted to giggle, too.

What is there better than experiencing life though the innocence of a child – or, in this case, two children? What can we learn from this special pair? We can learn this — It’s okay not to take things so seriously all the time. After all, life is about giggling.

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