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A word to the wise … start decluttering now

Last week I spent a full day cleaning out the spare bedroom. I went through the dresser drawers, the closet, and the mountain of items stacked on the bed. The goal was to be able to move the organ (that was gifted to us by Aunt Eleanor’s family) into that room. To move things just a few inches, I had to clean the whole room.

And what do you think I found in that room? Clothes, clothes, and more clothes. There were enough T-shirts for my husband to change them at least three times a day for a month. And guess what – those aren’t even the ones he usually wears. Two big bags of t-shirts are now gone. And then the piles of jeans — now neatly folded and put away; whether there are more than enough is a point of debate in our house.

The bedroom was used by my mother-in-law who passed away seven years ago. One would think that all of her items would have been removed by now. Not true. We did a minor room makeover a couple of years ago, but there were still many remembrances of her in the room. We’ll likely remove a few more (but not necessarily get rid of them) this time – the picture on the wall, her mirror and brush sitting on the vintage commode, the shell collection in the small nightstand cabinet. I didn’t realize, however, what was still in the closet. Evidently we just put things away and forgot about them. I found several sewing and embroidery items. The sewing items were relocated to my craft room – the embroidery items will go to a life-long friend who knew my mother-in-law and spends a lot of her time embroidering. I simply do not have the patience to embroider.


And next – to my delight – a handmade/crocheted bed jacket, shawl, tablecloth/couch throw (not sure which), a chevron throw and a prayer shawl. After laundering, the bed jacket, shawl and tablecloth are tucked away, the chevron throw is on the couch, and the prayer shawl is looking for a location. You see, the prayer shawl belonged to Grandma Becker (my husband’s grandmother) so this special shawl will find a special place in our home.


And finally, the best surprise of all. Inside a box that we thought contained yet another small crock pot, I found  – more old Braun/Becker family slides! I can’t wait to look at them. We thought they were long gone.

After all of this, the organ is in place.


A word to the wise, however. Consider this. Once a year go through your house, garage, shed, or storage place. Eliminate what you no longer need – the things you  haven’t touched for a year. Keep those things that are special to you and give those things you really don’t need to someone else who will use them, or sell them. It will be much easier now than if you wait until you are not quite as energetic as you once used to be. Trust me — it was an exhausting day – even with the help of my sister. And to think there are more rooms and buildings to go!

Happy decluttering! You never know what forgotten treasure you might find.

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    1. My sisters, one brother and I along with their families spent 7 months cleaning and then repairing my parents house after mom was admitted to a care facility. OMG!!!! Over a 3000 square foot house, jam packed1 I willnot do that tomy children!

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