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Bumpy comes to visit …

A fun little story  —

McLeod County Fair Aug 2015 001  Over the past few days, my husband has been working to refresh one of our landscaped raised beds. He removed the weeds, trimmed the plants, made sure the lights were in working order, and carefully laid down new mulch. He worked on it during very muggy days.

Bumpy the toad

While my husband was working, he was often visited by tree toads. One toad, Bumpy, hung around throughout the day, staying along the edges, watching the activity. You see, Bumpy needed a rest. He had been on a trip checking out his lady friends. Bumpy knew what would happen next … each of his lady friends could lay up to 400 eggs. That could mean lots of baby toads and he wanted no part of them. As with all the other male toads, once they had visited the ladies, they were free to go their way – in fact, that’s what the mothers do, too. Each toad to his or her own.

Bumpy waited patiently. Finally the chips were all laid in place and the big animal working on the bed was no longer by the plants. Bumpy promptly jumped onto one of the hosta plants. “Ahh, this feels good,” he thought to himself.

007But wait, what is this? It’s another animal with a strange item – moving close to him – making clicking noises. Not once, but many times. “My goodness, I can’t even have a nice, soft resting place. Perhaps if I turn to the side, the animal will go away.” Alas, no such luck. Here that thing comes again!! And it’s clicking again. 008

“I’ve had enough,” thought Bumpy.”I’ll show that animal! With one quick hop, he turned around and showed the animal his backside, hoping it would just go away. It seemed to work – the animal went away.

Well, of course, the new animal was me; the clicking noise was my camera, and Bumpy mooned me. It’s not often one gets mooned by a toad.

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