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Palisades Head … along the beautiful north shore

North Shore Oct 2015 073
One of the Brule dance troupe members …

This past weekend, we took a quick trip to Silver Bay, Minnesota, located along the north shore of Lake Superior. On Saturday night, we attended a wonderful concert by Brule, a long-standing Native American contemporary/new age band (that we have been following for many years),

On Sunday morning we decided to do a little exploration of Palisades Head. According to Wikipedia, Palisades Head is a large rock formation within Tettegouche State Park but not contiguous with the rest of that park. It is located in Beaver Bay Township, approximately 54 miles northeast of Duluth and three miles east of Silver Bay. Palisades Head is a sheer cliff three hundred feet in height that is located right on the shore and is a favorite place for rock-climbing.

North Shore Oct 2015 084
The narrow, winding road leading to the top of Palisades Head …

The road leading to the top of Palisades Head is a bit intimidating, clearly marked with warnings about the narrow, winding path –   cautioning those who choose to make the steep ascent. At first we thought it might be better to just look from the road – but then our curiosity got the better of us – and we started up the narrow road. There were a few spots in the road where it was very steep — and a backward trip down the hill would have been particularly exciting. But a few minutes later we arrived at the summit – with no issues except for a few white knuckles.

Once at the top, this spectacular view lay before us …

North Shore Oct 2015 092
The view to the south …
North Shore Oct 2015 089
The view across the lake … taken into the bright sun … making it look like an evening shot …
North Shore Oct 2015 093
The view to the north …
North Shore Oct 2015 087
A view of the edge of the cliff …

North Shore Oct 2015 095

And this … a panorama  … of the scene before us …

The air was crisp but invigorating; it felt like I was standing at the top of the world … absolutely breathtaking!

If you ever get a chance, take a few minutes to see this amazing view. You’ll be glad you did.

As always, thanks for reading!

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