My natural holiday colors …

Today I finally starting my holiday decorating. I couldn’t help but notice some of my plants, especially the violets. They may not be your typical holiday colors but …

This is the violet I re-potted earlier in the year.


This is what it looked like when I potted it. For some reason, the colors are now more pink.


For more information on the potting process, click HERE.

I  also noticed the violet in my kitchen, yet to be re-potted. It bloomed earlier in the year for quite a while then, after a few weeks, it bloomed again and has been blooming like this for at least two months. I hate to disturb it by re-potting it.  So, for now it will stay as it is.


And here is just a hint of the holiday decorations … more to come in the next week or so.


Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “My natural holiday colors …

  1. You have some really beautiful plants! All mine tend to the purple color because they all came from the same parent plant. My last plant just quit blooming and has become dormant. They will perk up in the spring and begin to bloom profusely; I keep them in an east window where they get plenty of light. ( No problem here in the summer). I’ve been enjoying the Reunion website, I’ve been cut off so long from my old home land
    it’s fun to see what our former classmates have been up to. Jim Gerth

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  2. Thanks, Jim Gerth. My plants are now dormant, also, but the leaves keep growing.
    I hope you check the reunion website often; we keep adding new information.


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