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Not as it rolls … DIY projects

Have you ever looked at a book shelf or set of drawers and wish it had been designed in a different way? At our house, we don’t just wish … we change it to suit our purpose.

We store a lot of paper forms and office supplies in our home offices. Of course, there is always a need for storage of craft supplies, too. We are always looking for new ways to organize.

One of the most useful, inexpensive storage items we have found is a 6-drawer roll cart, made of pine. They are sold at many stores and come in a box, ready to assemble. If assembled as intended, the cart looks like this:



Once assembled, they measure 26 inches high by 13.4 inches wide and are 15.4 inches deep. They hold paper 8.5 by 11 inches. So, if you want a rolling cart, they are great. Note, scrapbookers – they aren’t big enough for scrapbook paper.

As usual, however, we had other ideas. First, we adapted the cart to allow more storage by increasing the height. We simply put two carts together. The casters were removed from one of the carts and the cart was placed on top of the other cart, then screwed together. (When you look at the photos, please keep in mind that our reorganization is a work in progress.)



We also created a bank of carts using three rolling carts. My husband made the cabinet base, walls and top and then inserted the drawers. The casters were removed. This  cabinet creates a lot of storage for smaller items.



And finally, I needed more storage in my craft room – my ‘she cave.’ (I will always need more storage in my craft room.) He created under counter storage by combining two carts, side by side, and removing one of the drawers on each unit. The carts were secured together and simply placed under the counter. This unit is on casters.



The next time you go shopping for storage items, look at the item – not just for what it is, but what it can be. If you need one of these rolling carts, they are regularly on sale, so watch for the sales and plan ahead. I just went shopping for more (because they were on sale) and found they have a new style, one similar to the taller one we crafted except this one has two deeper drawers on the bottom.



Until next time, THANKS for reading.



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