Carolyn L. Braun (

Don’t lose your head …

So far, the guesses are:

  • A punching bag
  • Mannequins in the guillotine museum in France
  • Dressed in with nice clothes and heads, a driving partner so you can use the Express lane on I-94
  • Used in railroad safety videos
  • Props for an ISIS training video
  • Fencing props

NONE of these are correct. Any other guesses??  The correct answer is at the bottom of this post. 


Today we have a fun post. Recently we stopped at a place and saw the following.




What do you think these mannequins are used for? I’d love to hear your guesses.

Well, there are still no correct answers but thanks to everyone for trying. And the answer is …  (insert drum roll here) … the mannequins are used in the development of shopping carts! 


Until next time, THANKS for reading!








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