Carolyn L. Braun (

Just me … (trying my hand at poetry)

For some reason, out of the blue,

a poem starting forming in my head.

Perhaps it was because I could not sleep,

That this poem came to me,

from somewhere deep.


Just me

I entered the world, my eyes open wide,

Blinking, gasping, on my own.

A sole adventure about to unfold.

I quickly learned by making a noise,

I’d be fed or changed or held,

and  things would be the same.


Soon I found my way around

and a new world was mine.

Full of wonders, full of excitement,

full of laughter,

and everything was a game.


As the years rolled on

and challenges came along,

The world started to change.

Now things were up to me,

things were not the same.


And now as I enter

this stage of my life,

perhaps the last stage to go through.

I realize I am back to square one

And will leave the world as I entered.


When the time comes,

it will be me alone,

leaving with eyes now closed,

but ready to see

what the next adventure holds for me.


Thanks for reading!

Photo from internet; posted HERE.



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