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Enjoying the car wash …

You might think it is a little strange that I would enjoy the car wash. Perhaps it is strange.  Sometimes, however – perhaps often – you can have fun in the ordinary, mundane parts of life.

On our way to a day meeting, we decided to stop at the car wash for a Grand Slam car wash (the premium wash). With that type of wash – early in the week – they run the car through the automatic car wash first and then do the detail work – cleaning the interior and fine tuning the exterior. During the automatic wash stage, you sit in the car as it moves through the car wash.

The pictures can’t convey the sound and force of the whooshing water and the force of the dryers, but here goes …



Entering the car wash
The first blast of water
Another blast
Here comes the soap
And then a rinse
And now the colorful wax in shades of muted pastels



A final rinse … the end is in sight … almost like the end of a rainstorm … almost.

And now it’s time to let the workers finish it up.




It you ever want a thorough car wash, stop by  Touch ‘Em All Car Wash in Rogers, MN, and give it a try. On weekends, however, you don’t ride through for the first part – which is the most fun for me.

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