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Learning from the young …

I don’t know about you, but I am so disappointed in the behavior of people, highlighted in the political process but present nearly every where you turn. People have simply become rude.

Simple Definition of rude

  • not having or showing concern or respect for the rights and feelings of other people: not polite.

Perhaps it’s time we turn to the young for a lesson on kindness.

My granddaughter Alexandra, mostly known as Monkey, is in third grade. Monkey has always been a sturdy girl – very strong. She’s been showing us the muscles in her arms since she was a little girl. Then she giggles, because I show her my muscles in return – you know, the kind that hang below the arm.


Lately, during physical education class, Monkey’s class has been roller-skating in the gym. However, one of her classmates cannot roller skate. He is in a wheel chair. Seeing him sit on the sideline made Monkey sad. So, she did what a strong girls does – she skated over to his wheelchair and helped him skate. She grabbed the handles on the wheelchair and skated round and round the gym.

Monkey didn’t need anyone to tell her to be kind. She just knew it was the right thing to do. This is typical behavior for her. She recently was given an award for citizenship – including a T-shirt and a letter from our local member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. For the skating help – Monkey was treated to a Dairy Queen lunch – and even better, she was invited to eat that lunch with the special education teacher.

I think there are many people who could learn a lesson in kindness from Monkey. You know – Monkey see, Monkey do.


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3 replies to “Learning from the young …

  1. I think your little Monkey is about the sweetest thing! She has obviously had wonderful teaching in manners & how to be kind! I have 5 grandkids from our son (3 sets of twins & 1 in the middle) that have been recognized by their teachers & principal every year for kindness & good behavior! I agree most people don’t have class- manners or respect for others much! I along with you are very proud of grandkids you can brag about!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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