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An afternoon drive …

Palm Sunday …

In celebration of our daughter’s birthday (who is perilously close to age 50), we invited her and her family to go to the Mille Lacs Grand Casino for the Grand Buffet. You see, they serve crab legs at the buffet and her family – except young Rowan – love crab legs. Rowan does not. It is, in fact, quite the adventure for me – because I am allergic to seafood. Once they touch the crab legs, there are no more hugs for Grandma.

Before we went to the casino, however, we drove to Garrison so we could show the grandkids the giant walleye along Mille Lacs Lake. It was also a good way for them to release some energy after riding for an hour.

Mille Lacs and Casino mar 16 002.JPG

Mille Lacs Lake is the second largest inland lake in Minnesota and is considered the Walleye Capital of the World. For more information on the lake, click HERE and HERE.)

Although it was a little chilly, it was sunny with blue skies …

Mille Lacs and Casino mar 16 003.JPG

but a little windy.

Mille Lacs and Casino mar 16 017.JPG

With the ice still on the lake but starting to melt away.

Mille Lacs and Casino mar 16 022.JPG


We even found fish remnants …

Mille Lacs and Casino mar 16 018.JPG

At the casino, we enjoyed the buffet …

Mille Lacs and Casino mar 16 033.JPG

Crab legs, candy, and an arcade … a stellar day for Liam …

Mille Lacs and Casino mar 16 032.JPG

And a pretty fun day for all …

Mille Lacs and Casino mar 16 027.JPG
Liam and Rowan – still for just a minute
The birthday girl and her very serious  husband …

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2 replies to “An afternoon drive …

  1. HA! Serious husbands are necessary! 😉 😛
    Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter! Looks like you all made some fun, precious memories! 🙂
    Love your new Spring hairdo! 😀
    One time on a restaurant-fix-up TV show, a man said to the owner (a woman), “You should take some time for yourself. Go out and get your nails done and your hair did.” Ha! He was serious! I still crack up when I think of “hair did”! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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