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Where’s my peanuts …

Chipmunk season is upon us. Of course, we are never sure if it’s the same chipmunk from last year or if it’s a new friend. This year, one chipmunk, in particular, warmed up to my husband very quickly. So much so, that when he walks out on the deck in the morning – within minutes, there is a little creature staring at him – as if to say, “Where are my peanuts?”



Of course, we have an ample supply of unsalted peanuts. If, per chance, a salted one gets mixed in, the chipmunk leaves it lay. It only takes a few minutes for the chipmunk to store away a generous handful of peanuts, two or three at a time. The chipmunk stuffs the peanuts in his mouth, then runs across the deck, hops across the yard, and down a hole. We can only imagine what the peanut cavern in the ground might look like. A minute later, he is back for more.


During this morning’s feeding, the chipper took a little break – to chase another chipmunk away – around the bush, over the deck, along the retaining wall, back and forth. But soon the friendly chipper was back for more petting and more peanuts. Last year, the chipmunk learned to eat peanuts off of my husband’s lap. We’ll see what this year’s training brings.

Click Chipmunk training season … while getting some deck time for last year’s post.

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