A gator and a hammock … or, how to be a hit with grandkids

Last week we got to have two of our granddaughters for the day. They are  8 and 10 and full of energy. Drawing, coloring and watching TV lasted about five minutes. Luckily, it was nice outside … and Papa needed a little help.

First, the girls helped pick up sticks from the soft maple tree ..



While picking up sticks, the girls picked my first bouquet of the season …


Next they helped rack leaves.  Then papa set up the hammock … again, great fun …



Soon it was time to dump the leaves and sticks … bring on the gator.


Then a quick trip to the store to get lunch – hot dogs, chips, and lots of etc. and a quick ride on the horse.


After lunch and a little more work, it was time for another ride with Papa  … they love having their hair blow in the wind.


The hammock kept the girls occupied for most of the afternoon …  until … you guessed it … another gator ride  – this time with Grandma along …  a half-hour ride. What fun!!

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