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ReNEWing our landscape decor … meet Shirley and the winged goddess

One of my favorite things to do is paint … pictures, decor items, walls – it doesn’t matter. However, it’s getting harder to paint walls so now I find little projects to work on – such as reNEWing oiur landscape decor.

Meet Shirley. Shirley is named after my mother, who loved and collected frog memorabilia (especially salt and pepper shakers, which are now residing at my niece’s house). Shirley (the frog) was looking a little worn after a few summers outdoor. She was very faded and frankly, she looked like she should be sitting in the dumpster.

However, I just didn’t want to part with Shirley. So my husband gave her a new green shiny coat.




Next it became my project. First, I painted the log she is sitting on – from it’s rusted, faded color to this ….



Then I started on the face …


And here is Shirley – standing proud on the deck – ready to welcome guests. I should note that the real Shirley had brown eyes – but the blue stands out much better – and never fails to get a comment or two from visitors.


Shirley sits next to the refurbished winged goddess (fountain). The goddess is about 20 years old; she was very tired and  very faded. So my husband too her all apart, made sure the pump and all the other items were tight (because she used to leak more water than the water that came out of her pitcher), painted her with spray paint, and reassembled. Good as new.



Behind the goddess, you will find this …



And now on to the next project …

Thanks for reading!

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