A peek through time … the mystique of abandoned homes

What is it about old, abandoned homes and buildings that draws you in? Do you wonder who lived there long ago? Do you wonder who passed by or stopped for a visit? Do you wonder about the lives of those who lived there?  I sure do.

For me, the buildings are begging to have their story told. This can be done by reviewing the property abstract to find out who lived there. Then the real search begins – looking in newspaper, census records, historical society records, genealogies, etc … to create a building history based in large part on the people who lived there. Similar work is done when properties are listed on historic registers. Typically, however, those properties are eligible for listing because of the architectural character, important events that occurred on the site, or people living there who had a significant impact on history. I find that many properties – not eligible for listing on a historic registry, have equally interesting stories to tell … stories of common people and how they lived and died. They all hold a mystery begging to be told.


Of course, abandoned buildings are also great settings for a fairy tale, a creepy story or a ghost story. Can you see a woman looking out of the upper story window? Look long and hard … she may well appear.


It’s not just homes that have stories to tell. The building below is struggling to keep the windows  and siding in place … while standing tall. Who played in that loft? What landscape did they see when they peered out the window? Where they hiding? Was it there hideaway?


Next time you drive by an abandoned building, will you wonder about its story?

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7 thoughts on “A peek through time … the mystique of abandoned homes

  1. Next time you drive by an abandoned building, will you wonder about its story? That’s exactly why I love old abandoned buildings! My imagination immediately goes wild!

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  2. Love old buildings & houses that as you said “tell a story”!
    If I had the ability I would be be an old house flipper lol Great story

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  3. Yeah, I’m a big fan of abandoned buildings as well – there’s that link to the past that you just have to wonder about. We could get together and go look for some more!


  4. I am enchanted by old abandoned houses, and also old abandoned commercial buildings!! I was fortunate enough to drive Route 66 not once, but twice. That is a trip not to be missed by like-minded lovers of old and abandoned.


  5. I love old buildings! We’ve talked about driving Route 66 but never did it. I guess that goes on the bucket list. ::)


  6. […] of my previous blogs, found HERE, featured abandoned homes. This blog continues that blog, featuring photos of various buildings or […]


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