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Be careful what you play …

Are you, like me, one of those people who plays their favorite music in the car on the way to work or on extended trips (meaning more than 5-10 minutes)? Last week I decided to play my new Yanni – The Dream Concert CD on my way to work. I hadn’t played Yanni’s music for quite some time, instead listening to Sirius radio. In fact, I rarely buy CD’s any more, but I knew that it wasn’t likely that I would hear Yanni on Sirius.

From Yanni’s Facebook page – The Dream Concert at the Egyptian pyramids and Great Sphinx of Gaza

Now let me digress for a bit and tell you a little about Yanni —

I still remember the first time I heard Yanni’s music. My brother, Kevin, sold us a reel-to-reel tape player/recorder. Reel-to-reel players weren’t all that common, even at that time. Along with the recorder came some reels – and Yanni was on them. The music was from his first album – Optimystique and recorded at Cookhouse Studios & Sound 80 in Minneapolis. This was about 1980, four years after he received a B.A. degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota. (Yanni moved to Minnesota from  Greece to attend the U of M, speaking little English when he arrived. After graduating, he joined the Minneapolis-based rock group Chameleon.)

th (2).jpg
This is reminiscent of our reel-to-reel player/recorder.

From the first moment I heard the music, I was hooked. His music has a way of drawing you in, making every other thought disappear, reaching your soul. I went to as many Yanni concerts as possible.  Now I go to concerts vicariously through Yanni’s DVD’s and am able to enjoy the wonders of the world. Yanni has performed concerts at the Acropolis in Greece, the Taj Mahal in India, China’s Forbidden City, Russia’s Kremlin, the El Morro Castle in Puerto Rico, the ancient city of Byblos in Lebanon, Tunisia’s Roman Theatre of Carthage, India’s Laxmi Vilas Palace, and the Egyptian pyramids and Great Sphinx of Gaza (and home of The Dream Concert.)  Yanni’s music blends jazz, classical, soft rock and world music into predominantly instrumental music, representing what has been called an eclectic fusion of ethnic sounds, making him a true global artist. While I love all of his music, Optimystique will always be my favorite, since it is that first album that drew me in.

(Note: This information was, in part, excerpted from this  ARTICLE, where you can also find more in-depth information on Yanni’s career.)

Now back to my story (and why it’s titled Be careful what you play) …

During the first song from The Dream Concert, I was listening, but also thinking about other things and watching the road. As the music played, I found myself totally lost in the music. I didn’t care when the traffic stopped; in fact, I was glad it stopped so I could continue listening. In what seemed to be a very quick trip, I soon found myself at City Hall in Anoka. But here is the moral of this story: Be careful what you play when you are driving. Quite honestly, I don’t really remember most of the trip to work that day because I was so into the music. And, of course, this is not attentive driving. It is distracted driving – perhaps at its finest – but distracted driving nonetheless. So, next time you are driving, perhaps you’ll want to listen to music you don’t like as well  – just to make sure you pay attention to your driving. Perhaps I will play some heavy metal – and turn it down; that should work!


Until next time, thanks for reading!

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  1. I can relate to this Carolyn…….several times I have pulled up at my office and wondered how I had managed to get there as I couldn’t really remember the commute. Partly this was due to familiarisation with the route and travelling on auto-pilot, partly with thoughts about what was relevant that day and partly from listening to music……it certainly made for a quick journey but sometimes I wondered just how I managed to handle the traffic ….!!

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