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The button girl …

Meet granddaughter Alexandra … aka Monkey. Monkey spent some time helping me organize my ‘she-cave (craft room)’ over the holiday weekend.

One of the things I needed to  do is put away the numerous bags, boxes and containers of buttons. Have you purchased buttons lately? They have become quite expensive.

Sorting these buttons will not be a small task . There are many – so many that it is hard to find what you need because that button could be anywhere. So, we decided that Monkey would have a summer project – sorting the buttons.


Monkey found it easiest to dump the buttons on the carpet and then sort. She was very focused on sorting. Occasionally, she would stop to verify the color of a button or to show me one that was especially ‘cool.’


This is Monkey’s command central – her decorated water bottle, her plastic bag of goodies she was collecting as we cleaned, and her plastic cups that contain leftover paper shapes from my card-making. She is planning to use the paper shapes to make some cards of her own.


This is the button case. The buttons are sorted by color with the white buttons also sorted by size – larger and smaller. I hope this case is big enough for all of the buttons. Monkey sorted for a couple of hours – but there is much more to do. So she now has a summer job – sorting buttons. And that is why she is now ‘The Button Girl.’

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