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Bits of Joy …

One of the definitions of joy is ‘a feeling of pleasure and happiness.’ Of course, you do not experience joy all of the time. But it doesn’t take a spectacular event to bring joy.

Joy can come in bits and pieces …

What are your bits of joy? They are likely different from mine but everyone has them. Sometimes you just have to look a bit. Sometimes you have to find joy.

For example …

My friend, who is moving, game me this tin that was used for film (the reel type). For some, this wouldn’t be much of a prize. For me, however, it is a treasure.
This is a close-up photo of one of my lilies. There’s nothing better than a colorful bloom to bring a touch of happiness.


This is a mushroom (?) that I found in one of our flower pots. Tiny and perfect …


This is our newly installed birdbath. Can you see the light reflecting off the water? Magical …
Last week we were treated to an amazing sunset. The colors were spectacular, lasting throughout the 30-minute drive home.
Another photo of the sunset … showing the purple blending with the blaze orange.
This is perhaps my favorite bit of joy. There’s no better way to end the day …

Make sure you take some time and find your bits of joy. Don’t let them go unnoticed.

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