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The time has come …

All summer we have been watching the box elder tree along the driveway, waiting for it to go down in a storm. It is a volunteer tree that was allowed to grow according to its own whims. As a result, it has two trunks … one large one that is cracked and leaning perilously toward the ground and another – split into two smaller trunks.


Not wanting to risk the tree falling on a vehicle – which, with our luck, would belong to someone else –  we called a tree service. The service suggested we remove the larger trunk and trim up the remaining tree. I have to admit – I hate cutting trees down.

A crew of six men arrived just before 2 pm; they were finished and had left by 2:30 p.m.  It was like watching a precision team – each person had their own job. They got right to work and didn’t waste any time.

The first branches go down … and my heart sunk a little.


The branches were quickly removed and ground up.



More branches gone …and more sunlight coming through.



And down goes the big trunk …


This is how the tree looks now … Hopefully what is left of the tree will fill out next summer.


As a bonus, however, we have lots of wood for next year’s bonfires.


And some of the bigger pieces might go to a sawmill to be sliced … maybe for table tops? I’m sure we can find something to make from them. The pattern in the wood is absolutely beautiful.



I think this stump will make a perfect home for another carved critter.


Thanks for reading! 


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