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Waterfowl for Warriors … 2016

Last Thursday I was privileged to attend the lunch for one of the annual veteran’s hunts that are part of the Waterfowl for Warriors project. The hunts are held at the City of Anoka Nature Preserve. This year there are four separate events throughout September and October. (See HERE for last year’s blog about this event.)

waterfowl for warriers 002.JPG

When I arrived at the lunch, I was greeted by this mound of birds. The hunters bagged 45 birds – quite the successful hunt!


Just prior to lunch, Sgt. Scott Wall, Minnesota State Patrol and one of the founders of the Waterfowl for Warriors program, recapped the morning hunting event.

waterfowl for warriers 014.JPG

Jim Urban, Anoka Legion Chaplain and Waterfowl for Warriors volunteer, lead the group in prayer before lunch.

waterfowl for warriers 019.JPG

Hunters and volunteers were quite busy, discussing the successful hunt. (The man who is standing is Anoka City Manager, Greg Lee.) Just sitting there, I could feel and see the respect and joy of the veterans and volunteers for one another. What an amazing experience.

waterfowl for warriers 015.JPG

Katie, a black lab, was pretty interested in the lunch being served. Maybe she wanted some of the carrot cake that is provided by Ellen Ward each year. All I know is that the whole cake disappeared, but Katie is not to blame. The veterans requested two cakes for next year. Katie is the cook’s (Mark Bechenbach) dog.

waterfowl for warriers 039.JPG

This is Tom Weaver, the man who makes custom duck calls. Two duck calls were given as (out)door prizes to lucky veterans. To learn more about the duck calls, click HERE.


Easton Eckstrom drew the names of the winners for the duck calls. Easton is the five-year son of Derrick Ekstrom, a veteran and a City of Anoka Police officer. Also shown in the photo is Sgt. Scott Wahl  and Jeff Weaver, Anoka City Council Member.


The group also recognized the cook, Mark Bechenbach, for the excellent meal. Mark is a little shy. Also shown in the photo is Mark Anderson, City of Anoka Public Works Superintendent, Bill Bye from the City of Anoka Public Works Department, and Mark Bechenbach, Veteran, City of Anoka Volunteer Fireman, and Event Cook.

So, here we were, sitting out in a nature preserve, enjoying lunch on a warm Thursday in September, with veterans. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The hunting crew (Photo by Jeff Weaver)

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