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Yes, another shed …

You may remember the arrival of our ‘new’ shed about a year ago. (If not, click HERE.) Well, we decided to get another shed – this one for lawn products, bird seed, etc. and to house a greenhouse area.

We placed the shed where we recently removed part of the box elder tree:


This picture shows the shed unloaded and sitting on the road, waiting to come down our driveway.


It’s fascinating to watch the delivery person buzz around on his little motorized piece of equipment that lifts and turns the structure. In the picture below, he is setting up the building to move it down the driveway.


The building is on the move …


Down the driveway, easily turning it to set it in place. (The rain stopped just in time.)



And here it is, set in place and ready to go …


But wait, we decided to make a few improvements, so shutters where added and the trim around the windows and door were painted white.



We plan to do more painting – most likely the railing – and add some decorative trim. However, a medical event got in the way … after painting, the Mr.had a heart attack, followed by surgery to install two heart stents. (He is doing well.) So,.the next steps may or may not occur yet this year.

Thanks for reading! Hope you’ll come back again. 









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