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Another improvement project done …

We have a long list of improvement projects for our property. Sometimes, however, the project is just too big for us seniors. In fact, just lining everything up is a big enough project for us.

The roof on our shop area was in dire need of repair. Over the years, the shingles on the south-facing side of the addition to the shop had curled up. Every time it rains, pieces of shingle end up in the gutter, plugging the gutter, causing the water to overflow. In addition, the roof was leaking.

Of course, preparation for the shingling occurred partly during the time when my  husband was in the hospital. So, I put on my construction supervisor hat, enlisted some help from one of our sons, and got to work. Thank goodness most of the preliminary work had been done.

First, the dumpster (for the old shingles ) was delivered … Luckily, my husband had ordered that before he got sick. I just needed to be home for the delivery.

Dumpster arriving.jpg

Next, the shingles were delivered and placed on the roof. Again, they had been ordered and I just needed to be there for the delivery.

It was a one-man operation, quite fascinating to watch. After placing the shingles on the roof, the delivery man stacked them along the peak of the roof, ready for the shingler.

Unloading shingles.jpg

My son contacted a separate contractor crew to remove the gutter. They arrived about the same time as the shingler (good timing). The gutter crew will re-install the gutter after the shingling is done. The gutter is one piece, the full length of the addition.

And then the shingling began. It was a bit of a mess but the contractor cleaned up the site every night. It took him three days, mostly working alone, to do the project.


In the picture below, the felt paper is in place,  after replacing some of the plywood underneath.

002a (1).JPG

And the roof is done – except for painting the new facia (installed by our son) and putting the gutter up again.



So, one improvement project can be crossed off the list (for the most part). On to the next project.

Thanks for reading! I hope you will come back again! 









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