A new critter … Meet Chopper

Some of you may know that we have three carved bears and a carved eagle. Recently we picked up our newest addition to the critter family. All of the animals were carved by Tom Svien, TS Wildlife, from Two Harbors. I think we have achieved the status of a regular customer. Part of the fun of getting the critters from Tom is that we also get to travel to Two Harbors – and see Lake Superior. We usually make a sight-seeing day of it.

You can find photos of the bear family HERE.

Well, here is our new critter Chopper … We haven’t decided if Chopper is a boy or a girl. But – Chopper has attitude!



Chopper watches us very carefully … 002.JPG


And Chopper takes good care of his/her tail … 004.JPG

Chopper is also initialed by his/her creator …


And Chopper’s feet are firmly planted on the ground …


And in case you didn’t realize it … Chopper is a beaver. Next we’ll need to place Chopper outside … I’ll update you when that happens.

Thanks for reading! I hope you will return. 












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