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Taking the back roads … while shopping locally

In the spirit of shopping locally, today we took a short trip to a local furniture store about ten or so miles from home – in search of a reclining loveseat. Over the years, most of our furniture has been purchased from this store. They are responsive, friendly, kind and they deliver. (In case you are wondering, the store is Country Sales Furniture near Milaca, Mn. (Click HERE) As an unexpected bonus, the First National Bank of Milaca will refund 5% – up to $50 – as a reward for shopping locally. Our next task will be to decide where we donate that 5%.  (I’ll post a photo of the loveseat after it is delivered next week.)

On the way home, after a wonderful breakfast at the Pease Cafe, a very small town restaurant, we drove the back roads home. We first came across a deer standing in the middle of the road – but he was camera shy – so I only have a picture of the area.



Next we found a field of sand hill cranes – who were not camera shy at all. I think they were far more interested in picking corn from a recently harvested field. You might have to look closely – they blend in very well.



All in all, not a bad way to start out the weekend.



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