A Christmas of plaids …

This year I decided to use a plaid theme for decorating – so a bit of a Scottish touch. Plaid cloth in Scotland is called tartan. Being of Scottish descent, our family has a particular tartan. The plaids I used for decorating, however, are those that are available commercially and are not the same as our tartans.

This year my rustic (Charlie Brown type) tree is decorated with white twinkle lights, a few old-fashioned bubble lights (replicas of the ones on our tree when we were young kids), small red bulbs and plaid bows.


The mantel also is sporting plaid – along with my new Polish Santa figurine and the nativity figurine that belonged to Grandma Edna – all highlighted with red decorations.


The kitchen table – you guessed it – has a plaid tablecloth. Also note the large houseplant in the background (that looks like a stock of corn) is decorated with a plaid bow.


The dining room table has a plaid tablecoth with a crochet-type white cloth Christmas tree providing the centerpiece for a clear glass bowl  full of colorful red and blue bulbs.


And, last, the final touch for the tree – our new ornament for our granddaughter, who passed away this year. Truly an angel.



Thanks for reading!!  I hope you will return. 

2 thoughts on “A Christmas of plaids …

  1. I wish you’d told me about the change in wardrobe before I sent this guy out to your house!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahahaha Maybe he’s wearing his plaid long underwear! A Very Merry Christmas to you!!


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