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Meeting Leonard …

Today I went to my second infusion therapy treatment. Infusion therapy involves the administration of medication through a needle or catheter (intravenous). In my case, I am getting remicade, a drug typically used for rheumatoid arthritis and similar diseases, but in my case as a new way to treat my sarcoidosis, a lung disease.


The treatment is given in a hospital room that is outfitted with two or three recliners. You simply sit in a comfortable recliner for however long it takes; it could be just an injection or it could be administered intravenously which takes 1-3 hours.  You can watch TV, drink coffee, read — or, as I do, knit. This week, however, I didn’t get any knitting or reading done because I met Leonard.

Leonard, accompanied by his wife, was there for a blood transfusion. He receives them weekly, with the amount varying based on this blood counts. I didn’t ask why he needs the transfusion; I just noted that he was pale.

After a few minutes, we started talking. – the three of us. Leonard’s wife (whose name I didn’t get) also takes remicade, which she has taken for years for her rheumatoid arthritis. She looked pretty good to me – which makes me hopeful about my treatment. In any case, I am pretty lucky. It could be much worse.

Leonard and I had a lot in common to talk about. Leonard used to work at Cornelius Company in Anoka. The company is no longer in business, but I worked with them quite a bit during the first part of my time in Anoka. Leonard has several Farmall tractors – a favotite at our house because my husband’s uncle had a Farmall (now at our house). Leonard’s son restores automobiles; we have restored many automobile interiors through out upholstery shop for years. Leonard and his wife traveled after retirement with his fifth-wheel trailer and had lots of travel stories to tell. I love travelling and stories. Leonard (and his wife) are concerned about all the negative, mean-spirited behavior that bombards us every day. So am I.

By the way, Leonard is 84 years old. I hope we are scheduled for treatment at the same time again; it was truly an enjoyable morning.

Thanks for reading! I hope you will return.

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