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Looking to Spring …

Today it is dark and dreary with a mist in the air. Rain and strong winds are promised until mid day and then perhaps a bit of sun. Snow is predicted for the end of the week. But signs of Spring are showing. A loud group of geese greeted me as I came outside this morning. One branch on the maple tree is budded out. Several birds were hovering around the bird feeders. And there was a chipmunk sighting.

chipmunk 070a.JPG

Soon it will be Spring after our last March blasts of winter.

As I was organizing, I came across this poem. It is perfect for today. It was written in 1941 by my mother, likely sitting at her desk after teaching school for the day. As in the title of the poem, soliloquy is when you speak your thoughts out loud. I picture her sitting at the desk and writing down the words as she spoke them – out loud, to a then-empty, quiet room.

Mom 2.jpg

Rainy Day Soliloquy by Shirley Fadden Olene

August 2014 002 b.JPG

So, for now, we will enjoy the spring-like weather and wait for more.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will return. 

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