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Silly Milli … what have we done?

About three years ago, our much adored, 17 year old black and tan miniature dachshund – Puppy-Stuff, passed away. She was most often simply known as Puppy, and formally named Gypsy (through her pure-bred paperwork). We were thoroughly heart-broken.

Since then, we often talked about getting another dachshund but we just couldn’t do it. So, instead we spent the warmer months catering to chipmunks.  (There are several blog posts about the chipmunks.) But it wasn’t the same … chipmunks don’t snuggle.

And, again, we have talked … and talked … and talked about getting another dachshund. Last week my friend sent me a notice about some dachshunds for sale in Little Falls (about an hour away from our house) at a very reasonable price. I immediately called home and gave the information to my husband. I told him it was up to him whether or not to call. I called him again around noon and he said that the Little Falls dogs were all taken; they were simply waiting for them to be picked up. And so, (insert heavy sigh here) we thought it was not to be.

Later in the afternoon – near the end of the work day – my husband called. I was in a meeting but decided to answer the call. He told me that there were two dogs now available. For whatever reason, others had decided not to take the dogs. And – they had a black and tan dachshund. I immediately left work – so we could drive to Little Falls before someone else got there. (The owner told us whoever got there first would get the dogs.)

Upon arriving home – it got even better. The owner of the dogs had called back and was leaving for Wisconsin so he offered to meet us in Milaca – just 15 miles away — with the dog. It took the owner about an hour to get to Milaca; it was one of the longest hours I’ve spent in awhile. We used that time to pick out names. We wanted a German name – so we went internet searching. We both immediately liked Millicent — Milli  for short – and hoped that the name would fit once we saw her.

We met at a Hardy’s restaurant – the parking lot; it was cold and windy. I brought a blanket with me so I quickly wrapped up the puppy and jumped in our vehicle while the two guys carried on the transaction. The owner said that our girl dog was the runt of the litter and was a bit feisty, always picking on her brother. As I partly unwrapped her, I realized just how tiny she was. She definitely is a little girl. And she is definitely Millicent.


However, I think we forgot that we were MUCH younger when we had Puppy. We could run and bend then. Since Puppy passed away, we have become very comfortable not running and not bending – for the most part. Now we have this bundle of energy that requires a lot of running after her and a lot of bending.

And, yet, it’s pretty hard to get upset with her when she snuggles. or when she ‘gives kisses’, or when she falls over backwards when she’s tugging on her Papa’s slipper, or when she gets excited when she sees you, etc. And so the fun (and exercise) begins …


Isn’t she adorable?

Thanks for reading!  I hope you will return. 




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