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Silly Milli … a potty adventure

It’s been a little over one week since Silly Milli (Millicent) came to live with us. It didn’t take long for this little spitfire to learn how to ‘pull our chains.’


The main task at hand – to work on potty training. Sometimes it works; sometimes not. We found that barking and running in a circle means it is time to go outside. Of course, then she runs and smells and chases … and she may or may not go potty. She loves sticks and is already playing fetch.


On one of our outside visits, she was running across the deck to the area where the deck steps down. There is a knot hole near the place where you turn to go that area. ( You can see it in the picture above.) Just as I set her down, a red squirrel ran across the deck. Next, a chipmunk popped out of the knot hole, carrying a gray ball of fur in its mouth. The chipmunk kept shaking the fur ball (I think it was a mouse.) and then dropped it. Whatever it was, it scurried away. This all happened in no more than a minute’s time. Not only did Milli jump back, but I did the same. (I’m sure it was quite the sight – watching this old lady jump.)  I quickly scooped up Milli and went back inside. I don’t know whose heart was pounding harder.


As you may know from previous blogs, we usually train the chipmunks during the summer season. This year, we’ll probably not feed them as much because we don’t know how they are going to react to Milli. I bet the chipmunks are wondering why their humans haven’t put out the tray of peanuts. They’re also probably wondering why we are hanging out with that creature – Milli, the dog

Thanks for reading!  I hope you return. 

2 replies to “Silly Milli … a potty adventure

    1. We have a few blackbirds – lots of other birds and lots of feeders. We live across the road from a wildlife management area so we never know what to expect. The chipmunks are now out every day to greet us.


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