It’s sale season …


Sale season is coming early this year thanks to the nicer than normal weather. I’ll be out and about as much as possible, looking for items – not because I need more. It’s more because I have so much that I am considering opening an occasional store this fall – as a way to reduce my stock of stuff.

I’ve written several blogs about what you can go to have a successful garage sale in the past. There is not much more to add to those, so I am sharing the links below.

This post is general: (It’s from my old blog site. If you have time, check out the site. There are many stories on various topics.)

Click on this link: Back in the garage sale groove

This post is about how to display your items.

Click on this link: Displaying your items

This post is about tips on signage for garage sales:

Click on this link: Tips on Signs

Good luck garage saling!!!

Thanks for reading! I hope you return. 

sign 2..jpg



2 thoughts on “It’s sale season …

  1. Keep me posted on the opening of a possible store, I may join you if you are interested. Great idea!

    Liked by 1 person

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