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Milli takes a bath …

You may have noticed that I haven’t written in several days. I was side-tracked – taking a break at the hospital. I am better but more on that in another post, coming soon.

Given that our little silly Milli girl can be a  bit to handle, daughter-in-law Michelle offered to give Milli a bath – which appeared to be a new experience for Milli  (and a bath for Michelle).

As we expected, Milli braced herself, trying to escape the sink and the water.


Twice she pulled out the plug, emptying the water.


But she loved having the shampoo rubbed on her …


But, then the rinse …  not as much fun  …  and it’s all over. Silly Milli is now clean, pretty Milli.


Next, drying her off … with granddaughter Lena assisting …



And then the big shake off —


And finally, snug in her new blanket (made by Michelle) … 124.JPG

I hope you enjoyed Milli’s bath time. Stay tuned for more adventures of Silly Milli B.

Thanks for reading; I hope you return,









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