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Once home …

On our recent road trip, we found an abandoned homestead. At least we think it was abandoned … but the barn may have been in use – based on the barnyard smells.

As we looked forward (parked in the end of the driveway, just off the narrow township road, we saw the house on a knoll — still commanding a grand presence, in a perfect setting – surrounded by full growth trees. The multi-roofed structure is typical of large farm homes, complete with the enclosed porch. A garage structure, now absent the windows, is attached to the house and open to the elements. I wonder what time has done to the inside of the house. I wonder what stories it can tell. I can visualize young children running across the knoll, perhaps flying a kite or playing tag. I imagine a woman hanging clothes on the clothes line. I imagine picnics on the lawn. What do you imagine?


The barn on the site is starting to deteriorate (but may still be functional). It still has great character – with broken or open windows, missing boards, and weathering.




This blog ends the posts of buildings from our recent road trip – well, almost. The upcoming Amish blog has a few buildings.


Next: A tour of Amish country – Long Prairie and points north and west

Thanks for reading! I hope you return. 



2 replies to “Once home …

  1. I imagine buying and restoring!!! I love it, and can see it white with so green trim.
    Is it near here?

    Thanks four sharing, Carolyn fun post!!


    1. Thanks!! It is somewhere near Long Prairie – north or west from there. At one time, the house may have been painted white. It is now weathered and a bit forlorn.


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