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It depends …

A quick sketch of me shopping by my granddaughter SJH. Perhaps it is me a few years ago.

A quick little story …

Recently I went to Walmart – because I needed some mini-pads. Yes, folks, I said mini-pads. They are a part of  my reality because I cough a lot with my lung disease – and, well – you know what can happen when you cough. Typically I try to get in and out of the sanitary supplies aisle as fast as possible. I’ve even grabbed the wrong product a time or two – because I was in a such a hurry – just so I wasn’t seen in that aisle. Well, after this trip, I don’t think I need to hurry with my purchase.

A couple of years ago I went shopping in search of adult depends (disposable underwear) for my brother-in-law who is now eighty years old. There was very little to choose from – just a few options and not many in stock for any of the options. Last weekend, however, one whole side of the sanitary products aisle was packed full of various sizes, styles and brands of disposable underwear.

This is not the aisle from the store I was at but it looked similar, packed full of sanitary products.

When I arrived, there were a three people shopping in the sanitary products aisle; none of them were in a hurry to make their selection. One couple thoroughly discussed the various attributes of each brand: Is the elastic too tight on the legs? Maybe you should get a bigger size. You don’t want them too tight – what if they rip? Etc.  Interestingly, the folks looking at the products were not old-timers; they were more likely in their fifties (keeping in mind that I am not good at guessing ages or they just didn’t look their age). And, seemingly, as soon as one customer left the aisle, another appeared. That made it hard for me to get my product and get out of there – in a hurry – and hopefully relatively undetected. The aisles are so narrow, I couldn’t just sneak in between the other customers.

Finally I grabbed my product – well, actually I grabbed two – so I don’t have to go back anytime soon. The good thing – I don’t need to feel embarassed when buying sanitary supplies – no one else seems to be.

Thanks for reading! I hope this story made you smile a little.

Disclaimer. This is not an ad or endorsement for Depends. It is just a story I couldn’t resist. 


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