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Pure and simple …

On our recent trip to Steven’s Point, Wisconsin, we stopped early in the trip at a gift store  – Pure ‘n Simple — on Highway 8 near Amery, Wisconsin. (Click HERE to visit their website.) You can grab a bit to eat in their deli or shop for local meats, cheese, organic and natural foods, bulk baking items, or convenience items.

As we got out of the car, however, we were welcomed by a crowd — a crowd of fun animals — all of them ‘yelling out’ for us to come visit them. So, we completely forgot about the gift store and headed over to the animals.

First, we talked to the goats. Each of them wanted attention.


Next, were the chickens – all vying for position at the front of the cage. They were quite chatty and seemingly happy – birds of all feathers.


But, of course, the real show-off was one of the peacocks. She or he turned all the way around in a circle – very slowly – so I could also view the backside. It’s too bad the birds were in cages – which made it hard to get good photos. I suppose, those, they couldn’t run loose – we wouldn’t have been able to get out of the car!

peacock 3.jpg


Then the donkeys, who had been waiting patiently, decided they needed attention — and they noisily made it known. They were very mild mannered, however.


And, finally, the lonely pig called us over. He or she just needed a little love – pure and simple. 


We probably spent a half  hour playing with the animals. We did finally made it into the store, bought a snack, and perused the baking goods aisle and home crafts. There’s a very nice selection.

If you ever get close to Amery, this is a fun stop.

Thanks for reading!! I hope you stop again. 


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