Another garage sale season …

Another garage sales season is coming to an end.  Sales are few and far between now. With health issues, I wasn’t able to get to as many sales as I would have liked, but I did manage to get to quite a few. And then add in the trip to Herrschner’s Warehouse sale in Stevens Point, Wisconsin (overnight with a friend) and a day long thrift store marathon (I think we went to 11 or 12 stores in one day!).

Most of my ‘finds’ this year were lower cost items – nothing big – but fun and valuable to me. Below are some of my finds. You will see a theme here — teapots and paper crafting supplies.

teapot collage.jpg

craft supplies collage.jpg

Of course, I am always interested in how people conduct their garage sales. I’ve written several blogs that give tips on how to have a successful sale (see links at bottom of this blog). Signs directing people to sales should be colorful, easily read, use arrows, include distance (if possible), and consistent – all your signs should be the same. This makes it easy for us shoppers to find your location. My favorite sign for this year:


And since I am a city planner and have to administer zoning rules, please remember to pick up your signs when the sale is over. Below is a picture of one of my colleagues with ‘old’ signs that were collected. Note, however, the balloon – a good attention-getting device to add to your garage sale sign.


So, that’s it until next season.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will return.

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Plan B it is …

Well, I finally met with the cardiac surgeon. Once again there was a delay, so overall – we waited over two hours. The question was whether I would have bypass surgery or not. Well, it turns out not. Because of my lung disease, I have taken prednisone – on and off – for many years. That leaves me with a significantly enhanced chance of infection after surgery. And then, of course, there is the lung disease which is now being treated with remicade and methotrexate (since the disease has worsened over the years). Chances are good that I would have a long, difficult recovery. So, with all of this, and at the advice of the surgeon, I am not having bypass surgery.

On to Plan B –ADTYR6_2093488b.jpg

What is Plan B? In the next few weeks they will try putting in stents (angioplasty) again. (I already have two stents). They are pretty sure they can stent one area – and one area is a maybe. I also have narrowed arteries and a bundle block – neither of which can be fixed without bypass surgery. The stenting will not correct all of the issues but it should make it better. Chances are that I will never become a world-famous athlete because I won’t be able to do things that require a lot of exertion – but, then, I have never been a athlete in any sense of the word. And I can find plenty to do when sitting …


So, that is the plan.

Thanks for reading! I hope you will return. 


Time goes on … decay continues

Recently I had the chance to re-visit the sites of old buildings. To my surprise, the decay of the buildings seems to be hastening . . .  the buildings soon to be down and the stories they tell along with them.

Remember this structure from a previous blog?

036 (2).JPG

Here it is now …  037.JPG

And another … Soon it will be a pile of boards. We think they may actually be removing and saving some of the boards.


We have been watching another building for a long time: It is on the way to the location of the Amish Haystack dinners (see previous blogs) that we frequent. On this visit, however, it had changed dramatically . . . also soon to be a pile of boards on the ground.




And so, the rages of time . . .

Thanks for looking and reading. I hope you will return.