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Time goes on … decay continues

Recently I had the chance to re-visit the sites of old buildings. To my surprise, the decay of the buildings seems to be hastening . . .  the buildings soon to be down and the stories they tell along with them.

Remember this structure from a previous blog?

036 (2).JPG

Here it is now …  037.JPG

And another … Soon it will be a pile of boards. We think they may actually be removing and saving some of the boards.


We have been watching another building for a long time: It is on the way to the location of the Amish Haystack dinners (see previous blogs) that we frequent. On this visit, however, it had changed dramatically . . . also soon to be a pile of boards on the ground.




And so, the rages of time . . .

Thanks for looking and reading. I hope you will return. 







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