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Another garage sale season …

Another garage sales season is coming to an end.  Sales are few and far between now. With health issues, I wasn’t able to get to as many sales as I would have liked, but I did manage to get to quite a few. And then add in the trip to Herrschner’s Warehouse sale in Stevens Point, Wisconsin (overnight with a friend) and a day long thrift store marathon (I think we went to 11 or 12 stores in one day!).

Most of my ‘finds’ this year were lower cost items – nothing big – but fun and valuable to me. Below are some of my finds. You will see a theme here — teapots and paper crafting supplies.

teapot collage.jpg

craft supplies collage.jpg

Of course, I am always interested in how people conduct their garage sales. I’ve written several blogs that give tips on how to have a successful sale (see links at bottom of this blog). Signs directing people to sales should be colorful, easily read, use arrows, include distance (if possible), and consistent – all your signs should be the same. This makes it easy for us shoppers to find your location. My favorite sign for this year:


And since I am a city planner and have to administer zoning rules, please remember to pick up your signs when the sale is over. Below is a picture of one of my colleagues with ‘old’ signs that were collected. Note, however, the balloon – a good attention-getting device to add to your garage sale sign.


So, that’s it until next season.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will return.

Here’s are links to  my previous blogs about garage sales:

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