This year …

Milli merry christmas.png

Just days before Christmas,

And nothing is done,

With doctors and tests,

We‘re always on the run.


So how do we get ready?

How do we cope?

We simply can’t make it happen,

We don’t have that hope …

So –

This year we’ve decided,

Will simply be green,

So those who are gifted,

Can decide what they need.


The best part of all,

We can just sit back,

And not have to wrap,

Instead we can chat.


Have a wonderful holiday season!! Thanks for reading my blog. 

That little bit extra …

live for.jpg

Now is the season where everyone is gift shopping – hoping to find that bargain – and, in some cases, hoping to find something special — just the right thing. I would submit, however, that you often don’t need to look for ‘just the right thing.’ You can easily accomplish your goal by taking time to enhance those holiday memories.

Here’s some ideas:

For younger children –

Make a decoration together – one to take home and one for you, Make sure you have all the supplies ready to go. This one also doubles as a treat – because they are edible. Just fill cookie cutters with peppermint candies (placed a cookie sheet with wax paper);  melt in the oven on low heat (200 degrees); remove from the wax paper, punch a hole in the top, add a ribbon – and, behold, you have a decoration or a treat.


Make a fun veggie display. There are so many ways you can do this. Here’s some examples to spur your creativity.

creating fun treats collage.jpg

Have a special treat  – one that don’t always get at home – but don’t overdo. Just a few. Simple is often a good choice. I have grandkids who would be just as happy with dollar buns.

For your ‘adult’ children –

Did you keep decorations they made as children; if so, display them. (And for those of you that have way too many decorations – consider donating your commercially made decorations to a home for veteran’s and keep only those that have special meaning to you. Then you can also downsize or eliminate the need for a Christmas tree. You can also display the decorations in other ways – on mantels, on houseplants – be creative.)

Did you keep sketches or drawings? Frame one and give as a fun gift.

For your spouse –

Some of us in the older crown really don’t really need anymore ‘stuff.’ We are trying to eliminate stuff. So, for this group, you can …

Make a meal that you don’t make very often – perhaps something that you really aren’t supposed to eat – (those pesky restrictions on salt, etc) or something that your spouse’s family used to make. I keep getting a request for klebba – a family version of potato dumplings. The dumplings are made from raw, grated potatoes that are combined with flour and cooked in boiling water; then the dumplings are drained and put in milk – along with potato pieces, heated and served (like soup). I haven’t found a recipe yet but family members tell me this is how you make it. I do remember my husband’s Aunt Agnes making them in a similar manner. If I recall, the potato dumplings have the interior consistency of a golf ball and, once they hit your stomach, they stay for a long time. However, we are going to try them – one more time (and maybe for the last time).

And for the ‘older crowd’ … 

As I mentioned, most of us oldsters have more stuff then we need. What most of really want is to have you spend time with us, make a handmade gift, help us with a chore, but beyond that – really nothing more. A little time with family and friends is the best gift of all.

Just remember – gifts are okay but memories last forever. This year, remember to make some memories.

Thanks for reading. I hope you return. 

Faith, Love, Hope and Joy …

Fairth love hope joy.jpg

Dreams can be strange things. Sometimes they are simply bizarre – like the one I told you about in the last column. Sometimes I can’t remember them at all. But last night, I had a dream that seemed like it went on for hours — simply showing me the phrase “Faith, Love, Hope and Joy” over and over, in various ways. There were different scenes were the words showed up on the wall, on a mantle, etc. There were also scenes where people kept telling me that I need to remember them – over and over. So, what does this mean?

So, off to the internet I go to be enlightened. I found a lot of articles about recurring dreams but nothing much about words being repeated in the context of one dream. I didn’t really understand what the articles were saying – I am not much into Freud.

That leaves it to me – to either figure it or just let it go.

As you know, I am recovering from heart stent surgery and I have a lung disease. The recovery has been slow – which is hard for me because I am used to being on the go — as in being busy, not being athletic. And, really, I am not looking for sympathy or anything like that – I just want to get better.  But I also tend to be anxious about it. So —

I think this phrase is a message for me to lighten up and let the healing progress as it will. The message is …

Faith – Keep the faith.

Love – Let love help you heal.

Hope — There is always hope.

Joy – Find joy in each day.

I have listened and I will try to remember these four words  guide me as I heal. I think it’s a good list for everyone to remember. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you return!