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A small thing …

Believe it or not, as you age you find that you need less … perhaps because you have collected so much … but mostly because you really need less. You likely don’t NEED everything you have. You WANT it – so you have it.

Sometimes, though, the smallest things bring the biggest benefit. With winter here – which means coats, scarves, and gloves, an oxygen line, pockets that are too small for my phone and assorted medical devices, I am always having to struggle to carry what I need. So I improvised and did what I do – knit.

I made a holder for my phone (and medical cards,, etc.) to hang around my neck. It only took a couple hours but it already has proven very useful. The bonus – I always know where my phone is. It’s not in the bottom of a bag or falling out of my pocket or in my hand. It is in the holder around my neck.


This small project made a world of difference to me. Is there a small project that you can do that would make a big difference to another? Can you help carry in groceries? Can you shovel a sidewalk? Can you call to say Hello? Remember, something small may be considered something big by others.

Thanks for reading! I hope you return.


One reply to “A small thing …

  1. I agree with you. Less is more. Your little phone bag is a great idea. The only time mine rings it’s at the bottom of my purse and I rarley get to it in time.

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