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It can be worse …


About a month ago, I was sitting in the pulmonary (lung) clinic, waiting to have some tests done. Not feeling well at all, I was sitting in a wheel chair outside the patient rooms, slumped over, with a grumpy look on my face, feeling sorry for myself. (Two days later I was in the hospital with double pneumonia.) Soon a nurse came over and was helping a blind woman get seated. The blind woman sat down where the arms of the chair come together, rather than in the seat. She chuckled at herself and moved over. After the nurse left, she stood and hung her coat on the back on the chair – perfectly.

I kept watching. (There wasn’t much else for me to do.) Within a minute or so, she reached down into her huge bag, pulled out a lap blanket … then her circular knitting needles and started working on her blanket, ever so carefully feeling the yarn as it glided over the tips of the needles. Soon the needles were clacking away with the rhythm of the stitches. She, however, did not have a grumpy look on her face. She looked very content.

Why do I tell you this story. It is just this  — Life is what you make of it. Many people have afflictions that can be considered ‘worse’ that what you may have. Sometimes you just need a reminder.

What did I do? I told myself to sit up straight in that chair and quit feeling sorry for myself. Then I did the lung function tests. I didn’t do well – but I did my best. That’s all one can do.

A little side  note: I did take a photo of her blanket – not of her; however, my phone was deactivated while I was in the hospital (a much longer story that Apple does not want me to tell you), so i lost that photo. The one for this story is not the actual photo. 










3 replies to “It can be worse …

  1. Thank you so much, Carolyn. This is Just the message I needed to see today. Feeling sorry for my self and grumpy too. My car is out of commission and hubby has been on the go with work and meetings for what see.s like the last month or more.
    Your message reminded me that indeed, life could be much worse.
    I hope you are doing much better.

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