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Help ! … They’re multiplying …

As  you can tell, I’m on a bit of a ‘get rid of stuff’ binge, also known as decluttering. I think it started when I had to clean off my desk for the computer technician — after the lovely lightning bolt destroyed our computers, phones, modem, TV boxes, and who knows what we haven’t yet found. I really wish I would have been awake to see the whole show.

I’d started cleaning my desk the day of the storm. It tends to collect everything — mail, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, books, studies (for work), documents, snack – along with typical office supplies.

But look at the photo above! Three containers with writing utensils.

There is no way I can use all of these writing utensils – at least,  not at one time. Of course, I have my favorite pen. As I looked further, however, I realized I have more than one favorite. So how does one decide which pen stays and which pen goes? Here’s my criteria:

  • Advertising pens go – unless they write nicely.
  • Ballograf pens stay. They are made in Sweden and are designed for people with arthritis. They write quite lovely. (Information on Ballograf)
  • Pilot razor point marker pens stay; they are my very favorite marker-style with a micro tip. When I use these, my printing looks more like an architect did it and it is actually legible.
  • Fine point sharpie permanent markers stay. I use them when I need  a wider tip.
  • Uniball Vision Elite Micro pens stay. Another favorite smooth-writing gel pen.
  • And then there are highlighters – which are often in use, so they must stay.
  • And then there are the calligraphy markers— oh vey!!!!!

Unfortunately, that means a lot of the pens will be staying (after a little reorganizing). And then what to do with the pencils? This may not be getting rid of much stuff!! I think I will go tackle a drawer so I’m a more productive declutterer.

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Thanks for reading! I hope you return. 

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