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Why so many photos ???

As part of  my de-cluttering goals, I am going through my photo files on  my computer. It quickly became obvious that I \take too many photos. Some of the folders contain hundreds of photos – many of which are very similar. Why do I do that? I \guess it is because it is so easy with digital photos to keep snapping.


So, you would think it would be easy to eliminate most of the duplicates or near duplicates. Ahh — not so quick. I still look at each one and often edit them – just to make sure they aren’t a ‘keeper.’


Of course, then there is the question of what I am going to do with the photos that I keep. Many of them are of the grand kids so each family will be receiving a zip drive with their photos. However, there are lots of other photos that remain – old buildings, flowers, scenery, etc. What do I do with them? I can’t just eliminate them – because, they are just like my yarn for knitting and crocheting. You can never have too much yarn. And, evidently, you can never have too many pictures. I just have io think of something to do with those photos. I’ve included a few of my favorites in this blog. There are hundreds more …




Now, back to editing photos …

Thanks for reading! I hope you will return!!

4 replies to “Why so many photos ???

      1. Not a clue. My actual albums are current until January 2011. Have thousands on my computer as well. On occasion I start to weed duplicates and misc nature pictures, animals and so on and then get tired of comparing and contrasting and give up.

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