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Snippet Story #4 … crashing the party

This is a story about me – a 70-year old (at least that is what the numbers say – I say more like 50-year old) woman on oxygen crashing a party. Of course, I had a little assistance, but still …

About two weeks ago, my brother-in-law, Ron, had the Developmental Achievement Center (DAC) annual summer picnic. Ron attends the Mille Lacs County Area DAC from Monday through Friday and spends time there working on life skills, socializing (he is pretty good at socializing) and working in the sheltered workshop.

This year the picnic was held in Recreation Park (known as Rec Park) in Milaca. What a wonderful facility for a picnic! There are picnic shelters, walking paths, and a bandshell – all next to the Rum River.

You might be thinking what is the big deal with going to a picnic. Well, a very special young lady – our granddaughter Maddy (More on Maddy Here) provided the entertainment for the picnic. I take every opportunity I can to watch and listen to Maddy.


I arrived (with help from my husband) at the park early, set up my camper chair, just under a open – walled tent with chairs untderneath. Then I waited. I watched Maddy’s team setting up and crocheted. Soon the place was busy wth DAC clients and staff and the picnic began. I just sat in my chair, waiting for the music to begin and watched.

Granddaughter Maddy (Check maddybraunmusiccom  to hear her latest release – recorded in Nashville.)

It was worth the wait – not only for the music but to watch the clients having fun dancing. The clients had a great time – with some of the staff dancing along. They especially liked the faster songs and really got into the moves.

My brother-in–law Ron dancing with the help of DAC staff.





If you are ever feeling down, this is the place to be. You cannot stay down while watching the sheer joy on the faces of these folks. I will say, however, their bowling tournaments are even better. They may throw the ball backwards, or in the gutter, but they all cheer for one another.  There is no way you can leave one of these events in a bad mood!!

Thanks for reading! I hope you return!

The clients dancing and having a lot of fun.




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