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52 years and still counting …

Today is not just a holiday. Today is our 52nd wedding anniversary. I still can’t imagine it being all those years – perhaps because I have forgotten much of it. Or perhaps not. Lately we have been reminiscing – and it seems the more we talked, the  more we remembered. Perhaps the happenings just get stored in the recesses of your mind, only to be drawn out when needed

Much has happened in those 52 years. Some good; some not so good. Yet we have managed to continue. We have endured the deaths of two children, all four parents, and siblings.

Wedding day with my parents on the left; Jim’s parents on the right. All  of them are now gone. 

But there is also much to celebrate! We have lots of wonderful grandkids and great grandkids. All of our kids’ families are doing well.

As for our health, we take turns with that. Jim had a heart attack right after our 50th anniversary. He healed up from that and now it is my turn to have issues. But we take turns and it all works out.

As you can see from the photos, the professional wedding photos were black and white. Below is a color slide that was taken. The quality is very poor but it gives you an idea of our turquoise and yellow wedding theme. My mother made my wedding dress – with the train on the back fastened with lots of pearl buttons.

Scan 38 004 blog.jpg

And so we will continue to count the years. We should probably not have cake, as in the photo below, but we may sneak a little  …

tastiing the cake.jpg

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day! I hope you return. 


























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