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Day tripping … to Amish country

Saturday was a good day for a 12-hour day trip to Harmony, Minnesota – an area where the Amish have settled. This wasn’t our first trip to this area – but it was the first time for our passengers. Even though the town of Harmony is fairly small, we usually spend several hours shopping – but not just at the shops in the town of Harmony. We go to the Amish farms. That’s the fun part!

IMG_E3481 (2) a.jpg
Near downtown Harmony, Photo taken from the cluster of Amish gift shops. 

My husband was the chauffeur. After almost two hours on the road, we stopped for breakfast at Little Oscar’s in Hampton. Little Oscar’s has been there for about sixty years. My husband often went there in his high school years to get a burger and fries. Now it has become a routine stop on our trips to Harmony. And, as usual, the place was packed but we still were served in a reasonable amount of time.  Just a tip – if you are having pancakes, make sure you are very hungry!!

IMG_3473 a.jpg

We hadn’t been to Harmony for a couple of years andm we didn’t have a map to the various Amish farmsteads. Relying on memory – which tends to diminish a bit over the years — we were hoping we could find most of the farms.

PicMonkey Image 1.jpg

One of the first and my favorite stop was the bakery, where they also have a craft/small furniture shop. Unfortunately, I am not supposed to eat most of the treats at the bakery anymore. Somehow, however, a package of Dark Chocolate Cashew Crunch managed to make it home. I also bought a loaf of bread and some dill pickles.

At other farmsteads, I bought a small basket to hold my tea bags and some onions.  My husband bought a beautiful loomed rug – which is now in  my bedroom – and  a belt.  He also bought a book about the Amish of Harmony.

PicMonkey Collage 2.jpg

The ladies and our 12-year old great-granddaughter bought a lot of canned goods – pickles, pie filling, etc. along with home goods. They also enjoyed the animals at the farms, particularly the goats.  At one of the farms, the owner said to my husband: “Your aren’t so new” – meaning she recognized him from coming to her store before. We all got a good laugh out of that! She is right; he’s not so new. But he found all the farms!!

IMG_3511 a.jpgWe had visited all the farms by mid-afternoon. By that time, we were hungry – but it was a bit chilly outside (and we had planned to have a picnic). So, while my husband grilled coarse-ground beef hot dogs, we set up the ‘table’ – using the big cooler – in the second row of seats in our conversion van. We had veggies, potato salad and chips alonIMG_3527 (2) a.jpgg with the freshly grilled hot dogs. Where there is a will, there is a way.

After eating, we headed for home with just one stop at Quik-Trip – and a few glazed donuts to provide the chauffeur with energy. It was a fun day!!


Thanks for reading! I hope you return.





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