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So many steps … and now there is almost light

Anyone working on home improvement projects knows it is never simple. Never – or at least rarely – one step to the process. And so it was with installation of a new yard light.

First we had to remove the current pole and light. The pole was what wa089 (2).JPGs left of a pine tree. It was broken off in a storm a few years ago and was starting to lean. The bark came off every time there was a wind. All of the ants in our yard made it their home.

The first step was to remove the light – which means going up on a ladder. That is always a concern for us old folks. I couldn’t watch.

Next was to remove the tree trunk – and use the new wood splitter to chunk it up. Although it was a lot of work, my husband had fun doing it’; now we have more wood for our bonfires.

Next, to put a new light pole up. Jim used 4 x 4 timbers that he  covered with plastic fence post material. He also put a decorative ball on the top – recycled from an old flag pole.

Next, a hole was dug for the pole. Family and friends helped to get the twelve foot long pole in the ground and leveled.



To make sure the pole stayed in place, my husband got out the good old concrete mixer, mixed concrete and filled the hole around the bottom of the pole. I don’t think it will go anywhere.








The next step was to put the light back on the pole — again, the ladder. I can’t watch.

Finally, the light had to be rewired and energized. That took a run to the hardware store  – or maybe two runs – for a few parts. Now … there is light!IMG_3610.JPG

But guess what – the light is out! We hoped that it is the many-year old bulb. NO, not that easy. So now we are going to purchase a new fixture. Here we go again …

Thanks for reading! I hope you will return. 

2 replies to “So many steps … and now there is almost light

  1. Please send Jim to my house. My farm bell post too was leaning and had to taken down. Needed the grandson to remove and lift the bell down. That was many years ago. The bell continues to sit on the floor of the garage. I need a new pole and someone to put it up! Thanks!

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    1. Hahaha I will send him as soon as the light is back on … and he finishes the rest of the project list. We use the 15/45 method here – work for 15 minutes, rest for 45 minutes …


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