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Making soap … the easy way

Just for the fun of it, my lady friends and I decided to have a craft day where we made soap. I must say, it was easy and we had a lot of fun. We used the melt-and-pour soap making process. You can make soap using lye, etc. but that is a little more involved and the lye is caustic. So, perhaps you would like to try the melt and pour method  …


Assemble materials

  1. Blocks of melt and pour shop – found at craft stores or online
  2. Coloring – either liquid or powder; found at craft stores or online
  3. Silicone or other molds (we prefer silicone)
  4. A pouring pitcher (to use to fill the soap molds)
  5. A cutter to cut the blocks of soap
  6. Wooden craft sticks (dowels) to stir the melted soap
  7. fragrance – we used essential oils
  8. A small spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol
  9. Parchment paper
  10. Glass measuring bowl or larger glass measuring pitcher (with pour spout)
  11. Microwave or double boiler


Cover working surface with parchment paper (to catch any drips of soap)

Cut soap into small (about 1″) cubes, place in glass measuring bowl, and put in microwave. Melt soap in microwave, checking frequently and stirring with the wooden stick to make sure it is thoroughly melted.


Once soap is melted, add coloring of your choice and essential oils for fragrance. We prefer the liquid coloring.


Pour the colored, fragrant soap into the silicone molds.

Spray the top of the soap surface with the rubbing alcohol. This removes any air bubbles.


Let the soap harden. This can take a few hours – so you have time to relax and celebrate your accomplishment.




Once the soap is hardened, remove the soap bars from the molds. You can then decorate the bars with paper labels giving information on the type of soap and the fragrance.

Finally, either wrap the soap in cellophane wrap, or put in a small plastic bag – or just add to a gift basket. 

Easy. Simple. Fun. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you will return. 


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