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And my heart smiled …

toilet paper 2.jpg


I take a diuretic. Because of that, I make several trips to the bathroom – usually throughout the  morning.

Yesterday was no different. On my fourth or fifth trip (I lose count), I went again, I reached for the toilet paper – and – at the same time – remembered I had used it up on the last trip. Well, the toilet paper is on the top shelf in the bathroom cabinet – so, not only would I have to stand up (use your imagination here) – but, with my oxygen and my short status,  it is a little difficult to reach that shelf.

But wait! My reaching hand was on a new, full roll of toilet paper. Knowing that it is hard for me to get more paper, my husband had filled it before he left for a meeting. And my heart smiled. It really is the small things that matter .

Thanks for reading. I hope you will return

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